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All of our services are available in English and Spanish.
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Photo by Natalia Brand, @gastrobrand | Visit our Pinterest board to view more food photography examples! 
A Michelada by our resident mixologist,
What sets us apart? 
We specialize in white label Hispanic food content production for brands and publishers.
We also have worked on co-branded food content (i.e.: brand + influencer, or brand + brand).
  • Knoweldge of the  U.S. Hispanic market and food
  • Strict Quality Assurance practices to ensure the content is correct and authentic and most importantly, on-brand for you.   
  • Beautiful content with "real" look and feel. We use minimal, if any, food make-up tricks - our look and feel is not editorial, it's social because that is what performs best. However, we are here to work based off of your guidelines, as long as it is authentically cooked on camera. No fake products allowed! (That means no shoe-shine on meat, etc.)
  • Competitive pricing and timelines. 
What audience is the content right for?
The content we create resonates best for the coveted:
  • U.S. Hispanic audience
  • Millenials (high interest in gastronomy)
  • Anglo (non-U.S. Hispanic) foodie in the U.S.
Who are our clients?
We help agencies, bloggers, publications and consumer brands craft content for their social  channels to help them reach their goals.
Are you a brand that doesn't have followers?
We focus on production, which means content but we do have several preferred partners who have some of the largest audiences in the country. We can create a custom-made package with you!  
Are we open to non-Hispanic food?  
We are happy to chat about it! In this case, we would need to make sure that we can deliver the best quality content for you. We have several chefs in our network focusing on Japenese, Italian and other kitchens. 
What about distribution? 
We focus on creating the best food content for your brand.
If you are interested in distribution of your message, we work with one of the largest online US Hispanic audiences and are happy to set up a meeting with them.
That being said, our content developers do have their own platforms and we do include the option of having them repost your content, if it is on brand., | HEALTHY EATING
Spanish + English, this blog is dedicated to healthy eating habits and diets by Fernanda Alvarez. Her instagram is @LaFerEnMiami., | AREPA RECIPES
English, this blog is dedicated to celebrating the arepa. It launched in January 2017 and it is our newest property. | MICHELADAS + DECORATION
English. Nadia is a 30 year old living in Miami who documents her adventures while working in real esate, she is a michelada + bloddy mary expert who also loves to paint sought after flamingos paintings. Through her social media platforms, she has over 50,000 engaged followers., | LIFESTYLE AND HUMOR
English, this blog is Belén Estacio's lifestyle and humor blog targetting the U.S. Hispanic Millenial woman. It is female skewed. and has 1,000 unique visitors per month, 30% which are returning visitors through only organic traffic and social media referrals. She has 2,300 Instagram followers @belu305. 
Oh, child! YouTube Channel  (Coming February 2017!):
Alessia is a ten year old who loves to cook and document it on her YouTube channel Oh, child! She also is working on DYI for spunky Latin girls like her. 
COMPANY BLOG (Coming soon!):
Once launched, we will post our work on our company blog should a client grant us permission!  

Past Clients
As seen on:

What we do
Food content tailored specifically to your brand.
Co-branded content with influencers, other brands and publishers through our network. 
Video Production: 
  • How-to food videos (no cook on camera) 
  • Recipe videos (cook on camera)
  • Inside look videos, interviews, tours 
  • Brand story-telling videos
Prices start at $650.00 for How-to food videos.
Social Media Takeovers: 
  • Facebook live cooking shows
  • Instagram takeover (story + posting content)
  • Snapchat takeover
  • Influencer familiarization tours to destinations
Prices and samples availabe upon request. Social Media takeovers start at $1,000.00.
Recipe Development: 
  • Custom-made recipes
  • Branded recipes
  • Seasonal + themed recipes
  • Out-of-the-box recipes
Prices start at $200.00 for recipe development. 
Food Photography:
  • Recipe + cooking photos
  • Lifestyle cooking photos
  • Product + brand photos
Prices ​start at $450.00 per recipe cooked + photographed. 
On the left video, and above photography for TABASCO® and Hispanic Kitchen.  
Sweepstakes Management:
  • We can manage sweepstakes development, developing the landing page with your brand, activating data collection fields, drafting T&C, prize registration, and project fulfilment. 
  • If interested, more details available upon request. 
Offline Activations: 
Dinners, Tastings, Demonstrations and more. Capabilities through us with our preferred partners:
  • Concept development
  • Production of the event (menu, assets, staff, budgeting).
  • Content creation - online activations for the event.
  • Media outreach.
  • Corresponding landing page. 
pinch of salt

  • Recipe videos under 60 seconds for two recipes 
  • Graphic & Music: Includes text treatment in video outlining the ingredients, stock music and your logo placement
  • Recipe Development: Includes original recipe development  according to your brand, accompanying paragraph on the story behind the recipe. 
  • Photography: Includes portrait + landscape + square recipe photographs with steps 
Special Packages
baker's dozen

  • 11 videos under 60 seconds long
  • Graphic & Music included
  • Photography included
  • Recipe Development 
sweet tooth

  • High-res/low-res photos for web in Portrait, Landscape and Square for each recipe
  • Product/Brand placement in photographs
  • Recipe development would be an additional special offer of $2,500 for 20 recipes
  • Food costs
  • Descriptive paragraph
Shoppers who view video are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-viewers. 
But you need to stand out!
Nearly half of adults using YouTube are using it to watch food content. The platform has seen a 280% growth in you subscriptions for food content over 12 months in 2015.
(According to research by Google, Millward Brown Digital and Firefly)
There is a lot of noise, and a lot of video content competition. Therefore, the content that you DO create for your brand has to be authentic, relatable and real. We cap help. 

Our Team
Belén Estacio
Project Manager & Arepa Guru
Belén takes care of all of production and ensuring all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. She oversees all parts of the project from finding the appropriate talent, to asking the client questions that matter to making sure the project is a 360 success. 
 She is a fierce and strict, but fun project manager (as long as you are not late to a shoot!)
Prior to experimenting with food in the kitchen, Belén worked for LATAM Airlines, formerly known as LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines, as the head of social media and editor of the company's leisure travel micro-site @onlyinsouthamerica.  
Her personal blog is  
She also is the editor of   
Juan Jose del Carpio
JJ has over 20 years of experience in production work. He has filmed live TV shows such as Don Fransico Presenta, he formerly worked for the TV Network Venevision and has experience in social events such as weddings and corporate events.
He now focuses on food projects with the Creative Kitchen as well as with many restaurants in Miami. 
He, with Belén, works to find the best talent for all of the projects that the Creative Kitchen does. To him, nothing is impossible when it comes to shooting, as long as you give him a cold beer at the end of a production day. 
Fernanda Alvarez
Executive Chef/Talent/Recipe Developer
Fernanda loves being on camera almost as much as she loves being in the kitchen. She takes care of all things food - is that how you are supposed to cut the meat? Who should we call for a true, authentic recipe for Peruvian ceviche? She manages all cooking talent, ingredients and anything that food touches.
Her passion is teaching others about her healthy recipes that are SO delicious. But she sometimes falls off the wagon to create decadent and indulgent dishes for work, but she only takes a little bite. 
Prior to the Content Kitchen, Fer had a catering company in Mexico City, her hometown. She moved to Miami three years ago where she met Belén and dipped her toes in the digital world. 
Fernanda has a healthy eating business and blog
Nadia Bouzid
Location Scout & Resident Mixologist
Nadia is the Content Kitchen's resident mixologist and location scout. She has been perfecting her Bloody Mary for many years and is one of those people who pretends she doesn't know how to cook but wihps up a tuna tartar like it's NBD. 
She knows Miami inside and out and all of its different venues. She wears many different hats, which is what she likes about working with the Content Kitchen. 
She decorates sets, location scouts and makes the team Bloody Marys on demand. 
Her instagram accounts are @nadia_miami and @apofview 
Her website is
Clark Samuel
Creative Director 
Clark is a Miami-born creative director, graphic designer and videographer. 
He has impecable taste, which in our opinion cannot really be learned, that he perfected during his time at Parsons New York and the University of Miami. 
Prior to the Content Kitchen, Clark has done work as a website developer for different brands, as well as freelance photography. 
Jose Aparcedo
Video Editor 
Jose is a our resident video editor. He previously worked for Venevision and has worked in several TV projects including commercials and TV Shows.
He studied at Full Sail University and currently lives in Miami
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